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Police Security Industry Application

        Featured with special viewing angle, high moving efficiency, wide coverage, prompt response, ultra-low flying, drone has played more and more critical role in the security and rescue action of police. KAYI drone has been dedicated in drone application in Police industry all the way round. KAIY drone can be equipped with high resolution camera, infra-red thermograph and laser radar, which enables the drone to patrol throughout day and night. As a replacement of the traditional method of patrol using patrol wagon, evidently the KAYI drone is far more efficient and effective in the missions of anti-terrorism, public security patrols and road monitoring. When equipped with aiming mirror and fire extinguishing system, KAYI drone will be able to precisely control and extinguish the fire source, saving precious time for the fire disposing process.







         Anti-terrorism, Criminal chasing, Anti-drug scouting, Traffic management, Border patrol, Fire extinguishing and rescue.


Police Security Industry Application Case