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Infrastructure Inspection Industry Application

        According the prediction by United States Department of Energy, before the arrival of year 2025, the world energy consumption will be increased by 45%. And in the next follow 15 years from now, the total length of oil and gas pipeline will be increased at a scale of 7% per year. And meanwhile according to the prediction by International Energy Agency, in 2014~2035, the global investment on electric   infrastructure will reach 16.4 trillion USD, and by the 2040 the total global infrastructure investment will reach 94 trillion USD, at an average of 3.7 trillion increase per year. It is predictable that under the context of such enormous investment on infrastructure, how to guarantee the safety and stability of the infrastructure will became a very crucial concern. And the KAYI drone was just born in such background to challenging the complex terrain, high intensive labor force, perilous working conditions. Combined with advanced remote sensing telemetry technology and flying control technology, the efficiency and reliability of inspection infrastructure have been dramatically improved.







         Oil and gas routing inspection, Electric routing inspection, Windmill routing inspection, Road and bridge routing inspection, Skyscraper inspection, Solar panel inspection.


Infrastructure Inspection Industry Application Case